Improving opportunities for those who want to work longer

Brookings Upcoming Events

Should Americans work longer before retirement? If so, what public policies can help to foster longer working lives? On January 24, in conjunction with the Kellogg School of Management, Brookings will take a hard look at these questions with an event featuring two presentations on proposed reforms to make the workplace more appealing and accommodating for older workers. After the presentations, the authors will be joined on stage by top policymakers, including Seth Harris (former acting Secretary of Labor) and Steve Goss (Chief Actuary at the Social Security Administration), for a panel moderated by Kellogg professor Ben Harris.
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) President James Poterba will deliver keynote remarks on the value of older workers and then participate in a Q&A with Brookings Senior Fellow Martin Baily.
The event will be webcast live.

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