IN FOCUS: Frank Herron
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Grant KauvarCommunications Student Assistant

In the world of sports, you play how you practice, and it’s no different for LSU defensive tackle Frank Herron.
It’s not easy then finding yourself on the sideline during practice. No practice equals no play. That’s how it was for Herron when this season began as he had to miss the first six games.
A fifth-year senior, Herron explained that being off the field can be tough, but when you have supportive teammates around you, it helps a lot.
The desire to get out there still burned and he was able to make his season debut against Auburn, a game in which the Tigers overcame a nine-point halftime deficit to gain the 27-23 victory. The defense held Auburn scoreless in the second half. It helped to have a fresh Frank Herron to rotate in.
“Fresh legs, you’ve got fresh bodies,” explained Herron. “Everybody can play.”
With fresh legs, Herron has been able to bring the energy to a team which is 4-1 since his return.
“I feel like it’s my job to pick up the energy, keep guys going,” explained Herron. “Go in there and make a big play, get everybody fired up. I feel like that’s who I am.”
In August, Herron also became a graduate when he received his LSU degree in interdisciplinary studies. A father of two daughters, he’s the first in his immediate family to graduate from college.
“That’s probably one of the biggest accomplishments of my life,” said Herron. “I set a foundation for my family.”
When his playing days are over, Herron wants to be a high school football coach. He wants to help young men develop from high school boys into university men and show them what college football will be like. Coaching high school will also give him time …

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