Incorrect overdue Library notices

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Russell Library has been notified that the library system in use by the University System of Georgia (USG) has experienced an unexpected error involving incorrect overdue notices. These notices were automatically distributed by the system overnight in the early hours of Wednesday July 11, and were notifications of “Long Overdue Items” that are not actually overdue. The notices in question have been found to list items previously returned as overdue and also list overdue fines and/or replacement charges (Please see an attached example). Russell Library wants you to know that any fines and/or charges listed on these incorrect notices are not actually charged to any library user’s account. The USG has been assured by the software vendor that this issue has been set at the highest priority, and it is hoped that this will be limited to a one-time occurrence. If you have received one of these notices on Wednesday July 11 and have any concerns about the notice or your account, please contact Russell Library. We are available by phone at (478) 445-4047, by email at, or by text/chat at (478) 845-3057. We will be happy to work with you to ensure that there are no incorrectly identified overdue items and/or fines/charges attached to your account.

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