InFocus: Can students rely on MAP grants?

Northern Star Online – opinion

Angela Pagan
Perspective Editor
Many state funded-programs are not reliable due to the budget impasse, and MAP grants are included in the mix.
Recently, an email sent to MAP grant recipients said NIU will continue to credit students this grant although the state has not passed a budget. The catch, however, is that the amount of money could be reduced once the budget is finalized. This means that after utilizing the money awarded to them, some students may have to pay back part of the grant.
As a student, I would not count on the money promised from the program at all because it may be taken away after the budget is finalized.
I commend NIU for doing all it can to help its students.
Kara Mercer
MAP grants are only unreliable because the state is operating without a budget.
The MAP grant is helping many students at NIU fund their education. The money has been credited to NIU students’ accounts by the university as the budget impasse continues. Many universities are not crediting students for the grant, so students are left to find money elsewhere to pay for their education.
MAP grant awards could be reduced by the state and NIU may have to remove credit from students’ accounts, according to an email from the Student Financial Aid Office.
While the MAP grant is unreliable right now, students can rely on the university to help students in any way it can until the state budget is approved.
Faith Mellenthin
Students may rely on receiving some amount of MAP grant aid, but they should not expect to receive the amount they’ve been credited by NIU.
Both NIU and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission are keeping students fully informed on the situation and offering as much assistance as possible.
Students who do not stay informed may believe they …

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