Interview with Tech head volleyball coach Jeannette Waldo

News The Oracle sat down with head volleyball coach Jeannette Waldo on Nov. 6 for an interview about her first year coaching the Golden Eagles. 

Q: As you stand now your record is 11-17, how do you feel the season has went so far?

A: Our season is progressing for sure. We have had some highs and some lows. We haven’t been super consistent. It’s a brand new group, we’re a brand new staff, we’ve got some young players we’re trying to get some playing time in. We have been learning a lot, so I think that’s why there hasn’t been as much consistency throughout the go of it. But, just before you came in, Zack, my assistant coach and I were talking about – and I don’t know how much you know about volleyball but you have to win best three out of five – and we’ve had nine matches that have gone five sets, so that’s a big number. So we were just talking about you know if any of those had fallen, our record would be much different here. So, we’re in the fight for sure. We’re hanging with every team that we play, it’s just a matter of you know closing out, which we did a nice job of this past weekend.

Q: It’s your first year as the head coach here at Tech, how did you adjust to coaching a new team?

A: We really lucked out because this group, they were really up for anything, they were excited about the change, they hadn’t been successful the past couple seasons so it wasn’t like they were winning everything and I’m gonna come in and screw it all up – like that wasn’t at all their thought process. It was you know, maybe …

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