Involvement: RSO’s

A+E – The Rebel Yell

UNLV’s Office of Student Engagement & Diversity (OSED) is the gateway to all organizations on campus. With so many organizations, ranging from sport clubs, fandoms, social-based and social action clubs, it’s almost guaranteed any student can find something to get involved with.
During summer orientations, clubs hosted booths and encouraged the hundreds of new freshmen to get involved. Many joined to meet new people, while others want to build or add to their resume. Almost all clubs are always looking for new members.
There are organizations that serve as extensions of almost all majors offered on campus. Pre-med students, future public relations representatives, business majors and art majors can all find something that caters to them. Organizations are open to all students, and while some are dedicated to specific majors, anyone can join them. Some offer the chance to help the community surrounding the campus and go as far as helping to preserve land outside city limits.
While there are a lot of clubs for resume-building and serious interests, many are for favorite casual pastimes. Clubs dedicated to Harry Potter and light saber dueling are active on campus and many of the fandom-dedicated clubs put on private events for members and cosplay is encouraged at club meetings. Sports clubs and intramurals are also in full swing.
A sense of involvement on a campus is important, especially when a large population of students don’t live on or around campus. With so many club and organizations offered and only about 40 percent of UNLV students involved, there’s always room for more. Registering and creating a new organization is almost as easy as joining one.
Students who wish to create their own organization are asked to gather five or more students currently enrolled at UNLV and an adviser. OSED offers students the opportunity to start or expand an organization on …

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