Justin Osmond, CEO of Olive Osmond Hearing Fund, to be Featured at WGU Lecture Series

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News Brief – 1/20/17
ST. LOUIS — Justin Osmond, one of Western Governors University’s (WGU) inspiring alumni, will speak at WGU’s lecture series, Sage Talks, on Tuesday, Jan. 31, at 7:30 p.m. CST. WGU Missouri is happy to host a live viewing party for this lecture at its Clayton office. Mr. Osmond will share his inspiring story of persisting through adversity in an effort to motivate lecture attendees to overcome their own challenges and reach their goals in the New Year ahead. The WGU Missouri watch party is free and open to the public. Anyone interested in attending is requested to RSVP in advance here.

Growing up with a 90 percent hearing loss is difficult for anyone, but being the son of Merrill Osmond, the lead singer of the world-renowned Osmond family, made deafness an even bigger challenge for Justin. In fact, Justin was told he would never be able to play a musical instrument like that of his father and family. However, through extraordinary displays of courage, determination, and self-belief, Justin has risen above his circumstances to lead a full, meaningful life.

Having worked hard through 12 years of intense speech and listening therapy, Osmond has learned to speak with passion and through modern-day technology, hear with conviction. And despite being told by teachers and professionals that he would never play a musical instrument, Osmond has gone on to become an award-winning musician and has shared the spotlight with the likes of Billy Crystal, Garth Brooks, Susan Boyle, Kevin Costner, Oprah, and many other distinguished individuals.

Osmond is the Founder and CEO of the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund, a nonprofit organization with a mission to improve and provide education, technology, and resources to the deaf and hard of hearing. Having dedicated his life to similar pursuits across the globe, including The Hearing Fund UK, Osmond touches the hearts of not only those …

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