Kampen Serves On and Off the Court

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Haylee EldridgeCommunications Student Assistant

Being raised in a household full of Tulane alumni, it’s a wonder how senior defensive specialist Katie Kampen ended up playing volleyball at LSU. However, with her family’s full support, Kampen had no problems making the decision that this was the school for her.
“I mean my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and my parents went to Tulane,” she says. “So, I was raised to never like LSU.”
Now, Kampen’s parents, Bill and Jami Kampen, are full-blown LSU volleyball fans and are super supportive of their daughter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that her father, a former pitcher for Tulane University, pulls for other LSU sports, but volleyball is a good place to start.
“They love LSU and they knew that this was the place for me,” Kampen says.  
Kampen attended Mount Carmel Academy in Metairie, Louisiana for high school where she played volleyball. Softball was her first love, but when her pitching shoulder started to hurt her, she had to choose between the two.
“I had to pick one and volleyball was where my heart was at,” she says.
Eighth-grade was Kampen’s last year playing basketball and softball. It was also one of the years the varsity volleyball team at her high school won a state championship. Kampen got to experience two championships during her time as a Cub, and one of those times was her senior year.
“That year we had unwavering work ethic,” she says.
Two of LSU’s beach volleyball players, Megan Davenport and Kristen Nuss, were also on that winning team with Kampen.
“We had a great team dynamic and a really fun group of girls,” she says.
Another LSU player that Kampen knows from high school is senior outside hitter Toni Rodriguez.
“Toni is like a legend,” she says.
The two first met when their teams played …

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