Letter to the Editor: Arkansas State, let’s keep howling

The Herald – opinion

It was announced last week that Dr. Shane Hunt, the current dean of the Arkansas State College of Business is resigning so that he can vie to become the next chancellor of Arkansas State University. 

While the College of Business will be hard pressed to find a replacement of equal caliber, the university should seriously consider Dean Hunt for the vacant chancellor position.

As a college of business student, I may exercise some bias, however I believe Dean Hunt is the perfect candidate for this job. Having been fortunate enough to have him as a professor twice, I can tell you, the man is inspiring. He is blessed with an aura of positivity that will propel the university forward. 

With his positively contagious attitude, he makes everyone around him better and I personally do not think Dean Hunt has ever met a stranger.

Aside from his wonderful personality, Dean Hunt has exhibited the leadership skills necessary for the job. 

Just a small sample of his accolades during his three year tenure as Dean include: doubling available scholarships for College of Business students, the establishment of a Women’s Business Leadership Conference, and raising more money in these last three years than the previous decade. 

Over 30 candidates have applied to become the next chancellor at Arkansas State University. According to Arkansas State system president Chuck Welch, a decision should be made by June 1.  I have no doubt that the majority of applicants are more than qualified, yet I would be willing to wager that few, if any, exude the enthusiasm for this university like Dean Hunt. 

During my four years at this university, I cannot think of anyone who has shown a greater love for Arkansas State. 

If Dean Hunt were chosen to be the next chancellor, outsiders may view the decision as a hometown pick. Yet, I firmly believe that …

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