Letter to the Editor: Harmful Republican ideologies do not belong at UC Davis

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To the Editor:

Re: “The elephant in the room” (features article, Dec. 11):

While I agree that there should always be healthy debates between different ideologies, if the ideology of one side includes repression and hatred for others, then no, it does not belong in any way as part of a dialogue on campus at Davis or anywhere else. In our current political climate, the Republican party has a reputation of xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, misogyny and oppression of women and minorities. My opinion is that the students themselves are not interested in the ideology of the Republican party, and this is causing a lackluster interest in the club and debates between differing ideologies.

These values are not the values of inclusiveness that UC Davis represents. However, I don’t see any form of repression of the Republicans on campus. UC Davis as an institution is not in any way preventing Republicans from having a voice. The professor who said the awful comment to the Republican student revealing their opinion that southerners should not be allowed to vote should absolutely be held accountable. If an overwhelming majority of students hold liberal views, I don’t hold the campus and staff accountable for that. Students who study history, economics, international relations, political science, humanities or any other social science become exposed to differing ideologies because that’s what science is.

UC Davis does not support repression or hatred. This was not mentioned in the article once. The Republicans on campus do have a necessary part of ensuring exposure to differing ideas, but not at the risk of harming others.

The writer is a 40-year-old transfer student to UC Davis and international relations major and history minor.


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