Liberty Women’s tennis head coach reflects on reaching 100 career wins

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Jeff Maren’s tennis career began with a loss to his mom.

During the summer before his freshman year of high school, Maren was challenged to a tennis match by his mother, who was a former tennis player. Much to his surprise, she easily defeated him, which sparked an ambition for the sport inside of him.

“I was so upset that my mother beat me at anything that I signed up for tennis lessons at the local park, just so I could learn how to play tennis and beat my mom,” Maren said. “It was not to play tennis, just to beat my mom. While I was taking those lessons, I got hooked on the game.”

Since the day his mother humbled him on the court, Maren, the head coach of the Liberty women’s tennis team, has passionately pursued the sport of tennis. Whether he was crafting his personal game or teaching a younger player, tennis has been Maren’s outlet to live out his purpose in life.

“(Coaching tennis) is definitely my mission in life,” Maren said. 

After the loss to his mother, Maren began tennis lessons and quickly learned how to play and began to hone his skills. By the end of that summer he was playing in competitive tournaments and winning matches.

“It was very odd for someone to pick the game up that fast,” Maren said. “I was totally immersed in (tennis) and totally enjoyed it.” 

 Typically, elite collegiate tennis prospects begin playing at a very young age and develop their talent over years of training and practice.

Even with the late start to his playing career, Maren’s devotion led to success on the court in high school. The Kentucky native played three years of junior tennis tournaments and earned a scholarship to play at Thomas More College, a nationally-ranked NAIA school.

Maren had …

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