Local businesses, CHCCS plan for ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike

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Erik Beene
and Lauren Talley
and Molly Horak
and Samantha Scott
Published 22 hours ago

East Chapel Hill High School teacher Patty Berge chose to participate in the Women’s March Wednesday regardless of the school’s closing. Berge has been teaching at the school for 17 years.

Photo by Nile Iverson
/ The Daily Tar Heel

Thousands of students in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools will stay home from class today due to a planned women’s strike in honor of International Women’s Day. Women from all professions are being encouraged to take the day off for “A Day Without a Woman,” which is intended to recognize the importance of women in society. Many businesses in the area are allowing female employees to strike and CHCCS closed due to the expected staff shortage.“We got rumblings that some people were going to be out, but we didn’t know how significant that might be,” CHCCS spokesperson Jeff Nash said.

On a typical work day, Nash said the school system has about a 5 percent absentee rate for employees.

“Roughly out of 2,000 employees, we were expecting 400 to be out, and that’s bus drivers, child nutrition, teachers — it’s everybody,” he said.Patty Berge, a career and technical education teacher at East Chapel Hill High School, planned to participate in the strike before the district canceled class. “I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh what is it that the teachers in Chapel Hill are upset with or dissatisfied with?’” Berge said. “I think it’s more showing solidarity for women across the nation, and I think it’s a good role model for students to see that their teachers are affected by what is going on.”Berge was initially disappointed that the district decided to close, because she thought the point of the strike would be missed. She said she’s heard many people say the teachers’ …

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