LSC-Kingwood nursing program increases enrollment, decreases shortage

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Published on: November 12, 2010
With an impending nursing shortage, nursing programs and state organizations have teamed up to implement a strategic plan.
For its efforts, Lone Star College-Kingwoods Nursing Program, along with other programs in the state, will receive reduction funds to help reduce the nursing shortage across the state. The college program will receive $104,781.23. In order to qualify, it had to prove their increased enrollment and retention rates.
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board provided the funds because our department has committed to increase student enrollment, said Donna Spivey, nursing program director. The funds are extremely important to our department and will be used to hire additional faculty to help increase our student enrollment.
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Boards Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program provides the funds based on each qualifying institutions increase in graduates. The 81st Texas Legislature allocated $7,350,000 to the coordinating board, which will distribute the money to participating programs around the state.
These funds will also benefit the community by allowing the nursing department to increase the number of students and faculty members. Spivey said. The increased enrollment of nursing students will assist in decreasing the nursing shortage in the Houston area and in the state.
LSC-Kingwoods Nursing Program offers training to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and two options to become a Registered Nurse (RN). For more information, contact the nursing department at 281-312-1683 or at or call Donna Spivey at 281-312-1781 or email her at

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