LSC-University Park empowers women through education

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Published on: February 27, 2018 HOUSTON  Lone Star College-University Parks Student Learning Resource Center (SLRC) and the Office of Student Life will lead an educational panel series in March to discuss strong women in history, literature and leadership. 

The series will include three panel discussions, the first of which Fierce Women in History is slated for March 8. The panel will be moderated by students from LSC-University Parks Historical Society and will explore the achievements of women throughout history. Fierce Women in Fiction will look at strong women in literature on March 21, and Fierce Women in Leadership will discuss women in leadership roles and effective leadership strategies on March 27. 

Its important to celebrate and recognize the ways that women have shaped our past, influenced our present, and lead us into the future, said Stephanie De Leon, SLRC manager at LSC-University Park.

The series will be thought-provoking and interactive, and present a great opportunity for students and the LSC-University Park community to get involved with Womens History Month. 

March is nationally designated as Womens History Month to honor the contributions women have made in history, culture and society. LSC-University Park works to add to these historical advancements by providing access to quality education. In fall 2017, 7,632 women selected LSC-University Park as the avenue to pursue their academic and career goals. 

LSC-University Park empowers women through education and strives to create a network of support for all students, said Dr. Shah Ardalan, LSC-University Park president. When women, and all students, have access to the resources necessary to reach their goals, our shared communities and families benefit. We are actively expanding our academic offerings and facilities, like the Center for Science & Innovation (CSI), to reflect the needs of the diverse student population we serve. 

The college recently opened CSI to provide students with a state-of-the-art learning environment with cutting-edge science labs, an astronomy observation deck, technologically advanced …

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