Ma Faces Impeachment Hearing

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Carson Green, StaffStudent Government Association (SGA) legislators voted unanimously on Monday night to advance impeachment procedures against SGA President Dwight Ma (17Ox, 19C).
The legislators will decide whether to remove Ma, who has about a month left in office, in a closed-door session next week. Ma will need the support of at least one-third of legislators to avoid impeachment.
SGA Vice President of Communications Tiffany Haas (19C) submitted a Feb. 3 letter to SGA calling for Ma’s impeachment.
“I believe that Dwight Ma has repeatedly violated our school’s conduct code, has exhibited gross unethical behavior, abuse of power and overall exceptional misconduct of the office he holds, all of which are impeachable offenses under the rules of the legislature,” Haas said at the meeting.
Haas requested the legislature conduct a private hearing next week to examine evidence, including screenshots of her text messages with Ma, which she says demonstrated “intimidation and abuse of power,” Haas said.
Ma denied threatening Haas. He wanted to distribute copies of their messages at the meeting, which he believes would clear up the miscommunication, but Speaker of the Legislature and Sophomore Representative Lori Steffel (21B) stopped him. Steffel said sharing the chat history in a public legislative session without Haas’ permission would be a violation of privacy laws.
“This is going to be public evidence … you have to have consent of the opposite party. I think that that’s just law, like above the SGA,” Steffel said.
After the meeting, Steffel wrote in a Feb. 12 email to the Wheel that she disallowed Ma from distributing the evidence because the presentation of evidence is only permitted in an impeachment hearing.
“More than that, those text messages may very likely emotionally harm other students if made public due to their content, which violates our Undergraduate Student Code of Conduct,” she wrote.
Ma tore printed versions of …

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