MAC Announces Frida Kahlo Exhibit

News at College of DuPage

By Jennifer DudaCollege of DuPage, in partnership with the McAninch Arts Center and Cleve Carney Art
Gallery, is pleased to announce an exhibition of the largest private collection of
works by Frida Kahlo coming to the Glen Ellyn campus in summer 2020.View photos from the official exhibition announcement.The 26-piece collection, on loan from the Museo Dolores Olmedo, features an array
of sketches and paintings spanning the career of Kahlo, who is considered one of Mexico’s
greatest artists. Best known for self-portraits highlighting themes of identity, politics,
sexuality and death, Kahlo channeled her childhood and personal struggles into her
art and became an icon of feminism, activism and Mexican heritage.“This unique collection of works is deeply tied to Kahlo’s personal narrative. It
covers an arc of her life and career,” said Justin Witte, Cleve Carney Art Gallery
Director and exhibition curator. “It’s a full arc tied into her person and covers
her accident, which is when she started to create self-portraits.”After surviving polio at age 6, Kahlo suffered life-threatening injuries in a streetcar
accident as a teenager. The accident left her with a broken spinal column and a pelvis
impaled by a steel handrail, among a myriad of other injuries. Bedridden for months,
Kahlo initially painted the plaster corsets which held her in place as she recovered.
Later, with the aid of a special easel that allowed her to paint lying down, Kahlo
began investigating self-portraiture as she gazed in a mirror attached to the ceiling.The last area showing of Kahlo’s works was in 1978 at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary
Art in an exhibit that included pieces from the Museo Dolores Olmedo. The new immersive
Frida Kahlo exhibit, featuring a more diverse collection of works, will transform
the Cleve Carney Art Gallery, as well as the McAninch Arts Center Lobby and Belushi
Performance Hall …

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