May 22: ‘Making Big Comparisons: Urban Energy Transitions in Saskatoon, Lulea, and Anchorage’

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Making Big Comparisons: Urban Energy Transitions in Saskatoon, Lulea, and AnchoragePresented by Martin Boucher, Ph.D. candidate, School of Environment and Sustainability, University of SaskatchewanTuesday, May 22, noon-1 p.m.ISER Conference Room (1901 Bragaw Street, Suite 301)
Around the world, there is growing interest in decentralized sources of energy production and distribution. Costs of solar, wind and energy-efficiency technologies have also been dropping, making them attractive alternatives to fossil fuels. But those changes disrupt the business model of utilities and present unique challenges and opportunities.
Martin Boucher will talk about his research on socio-technical energy transitions and discuss his preliminary thoughts about his work-in-progress, comparing transitions in three Northern cities: Saskatoon in Canada, Lulea in Sweden, and Anchorage. He is just completing his research in Anchorage, and will welcome comments at the presentation.
Martin Boucher has received many awards for his research on socio-technical transitions and sustainable energy pathways in Northern cities, and has widely published his work. He teaches courses in renewable energy, sustainability and public policy analysis at the University of Saskatchewan. He also organizes workshops and conferences to bring together a broad spectrum of stakeholders with various interests in urban energy transitions, to help bridge their differences.
1901 Bragaw Street is between Northern Lights Boulevard and DeBarr Road. Parking is free. Call (907) 786-7710 for directions.

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