Meet the Experts: Johnson Link

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Johnson Link is in his third year as associate vice president within the Division of Student Affairs. He oversees the municipal services arm of the division, including the Clemson University Police Department (CUPD), Emergency Preparedness, Fire/EMS, Municipal Court and Parking and Transportation Services.
Link has been a Clemson native his entire life and owns the rare distinction of having served both the university and city as chief of police. In 2017, he earned the Abernathy/Cox One Clemson Award for exceptional service to both the City of Clemson and Clemson University.
Johnson Link serves as an associate vice president within the Division of Student Affairs.Image Credit: University Relations
We recently caught up with Link to discuss growing up in Clemson, his public safety background and transition into Student Affairs.
Q: You’ve been around Clemson your entire life, is that right?
Link: My dad worked here and retired as the chief of police and was working on campus when I was born. The five of us lived on campus, including my two older sisters. We lived in a pre-fab staff house which was located where the Brooks Center parking lot is today. We lived in several houses on campus, including one I remember where Lever Hall is now. I grew up on Calhoun Street. Eventually, my mother worked at Redfern and my dad retired in either 1984 or 1985. I have great memories of growing up on campus. I remember basketball games in Fike, that was quite the deal. You used to be able to sit on the 50-yard line at football games. I loved baseball, and back then they played on what is now the lower intramural field across from Fike. The kids would chase fly balls. I liked the scoreboard, I’d help them hang the scores after each inning. We’d lay around in the outfield not paying …

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