Millennials should use social media to find employment opportunities

Daily Titan

Social media is the hottest tool for easy communication between producers and consumers, and companies are taking notice. This realization has turned creating content for these applications into real jobs and millennials are the perfect ones to fill the spots.
Millennials were practically raised alongside social media. They were the ones who made sites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Myspace, prosper.
They use it all the time to socialize with friends and check the news. With the majority of people’s lives spent on phones, of course companies are going to cater to the wants of their customers.
These companies want more engagement and take to social media with clever tweets or eye-catching pictures to draw people in. It makes sense that the generation that uses these applications and websites would be the ones best suited to create the type of content that captures people.
Don’t be fooled though, the job isn’t only posting pretty pictures or thoughtful status updates, it entails more than that.
Crystal Wishart — a graduate assistant communications specialist at Cal State Fullerton — runs the social media for the College of Communications and said the responsibilities of the job include engaging with students, faculty and alumni both inside and outside of the college.
Wishart said the school does that by trying to make people aware of interesting things students and faculty are doing and sharing stories of notable alumni or promoting events happening within or around CSUF.
Social media wasn’t always around, but it’s explosion in popularity is similar to that of the printing press back in the mid 1400s in the way it’s rapidly creating a new job market.
Before the printing press, it was difficult for writers to circulate stories and information because it was a long process to repeatedly write the same thing over and over. …

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