Millennials that say they are ‘in the wrong generation’ don’t realize the privileges of today

Daily Titan

There has been no better time to be alive than right now. Medical science, technology and civil rights have never been as advanced and sophisticated as they are, but millennials still lament their year of birth and upbringing because some people spend too much time on their phones.
The mantra of “I was born in the wrong generation” has been pushed in online communities like Twitter or Tumblr, reminiscing the old days and things like chivalry, personal connection or a less-informed and simpler political landscape.
It can be difficult for “transgenerationals” to look at the world’s current state of affairs and be optimistic. The political climate is volatile and every day it seems like the world is becoming increasingly ridiculous and unpleasant. When things seem so bleak, the past becomes easier to romanticize, but this doesn’t accomplish anything.
Instead of longingly looking back on the days when entire minorities (women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals) lacked constitutional rights because men wore suits and held doors, maybe consider how far the world has come. Yes, it’s unpleasant to go out and have friends glued to their phones or to wake up to a poorly thought out tweet that may dictate international policy, but the pros of living right now far outweigh the cons.
On one hand, the divorce rate is sitting pretty at around 50 percent, but on the other hand, LGBTQ people can legally take their chances with being part of that statistic nationwide.
Health care may be expensive, but the common cold is no longer fatal and we’ve managed to completely eradicate some diseases.
Women aren’t in nearly as many positions of power in business or politics as they should be, but progress is being made toward equal representation. Race relations may be running hot, but the right issues are being talked about, albeit slowly.

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