NASA solar probe named after UChicago scientist begins historic mission


NASA said the honor befits the magnitude of Parker’s contributions to science. Parker’s revolutionary scientific career began with his 1958 proposal of the “solar wind,” which radically changed scientists’ understandings of the solar system.He suggested, and later NASA missions confirmed, that the sun radiates an intense stream of charged particles that travel throughout the solar system at supersonic speeds. This is visible as the halo around the sun during an eclipse, and it can affect missions in space as well as satellite communication systems on Earth.
The discovery reshaped our view of space, stars and their surroundings. It also established a new field of astrophysics, leading NASA last year to name its newest and most ambitious mission to the sun after Parker as a tribute to his work.
“We’re so excited and proud that Eugene Parker’s namesake mission, the Parker Solar Probe, launched this morning,” said Angela Olinto, dean of the Division of the Physical Sciences at UChicago. “By first proposing the concept of the solar wind in 1958, Parker revolutionized our understanding of the solar system, and we eagerly await data from this mission that will help us continue to unravel the mysteries of our universe.”

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