Nearing the end: ‘Lesser-of-two-evils’ election creates political divide

News – The Vermilion Photo edited by Leah Cavalier/The Vermiion
As the Nov. 8 presidential election draws near, University of Louisiana at Lafayette students are preparing to vote for what some are calling the “lesser-of-two-evils” candidate — if they plan on voting at all.
After a series of heated debates riddled with controversy and rallies for Republican Donald Trump, 70, and Democrat Hillary Clinton, 69, the discourse surrounding the election now focuses primarily on each candidate’s fitness to serve as commander in chief.
Candidate disapproval has moved some voters to consider third-party candidates, such as Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party Jill Stein.
Lafayette native Kadin Figueron, a sophomore computer science major, said he will vote for Clinton out of dislike for Trump.
“I don’t really like her a whole lot — just that she’s not as offensive, not as hostile and not as unstable as the other candidates could be,” he said.
Meanwhile, Devin Durapau, a senior accounting major from Hahnville, said she will vote for Trump because of his economic policies.
“I just like that he’s more of on the business side of things instead of, like, ‘Let’s give the government all the money and not the corporations,’” she said. “Instead of taking it from corporations, he’s kind of going to try to even it out or make it fair.”
Rebecca Hebert, a senior child and family studies major from New Iberia, said she began researching Johnson, and found she supported him over either major party nominee.
“Because of the scandals that surround Hillary, I don’t want to vote for her. Because Trump doesn’t have any sense of decorum, I don’t want to vote for him because I don’t think he knows how to address certain things,” she said.
Pearson Cross, Ph.D., associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and an associate political science …

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