New LED Lights in Parking Lots Aim to Boost Security at Night


LED lights that are brighter and consume less energy have been installed in the F series parking lots, offering improved security at night and lowering the power bill.
A total of 87 fixtures in the F lots that contained high-pressure sodium lights were replaced with more energy-efficient LED components.
“The safety of the campus community is our top priority,” said Cal Poly Pomona Police Chief Dario Robinson. “The new LED lighting will make the parking lots brighter at night and help make people feel safer when they go to their cars.”
The LED light fixtures will save an estimated 97,900 kilowatts of electricity, which equates to about $12,000 in annual savings. The cost of the lighting retrofit was about $80,000 and the project should pay for itself in less than seven years.
The Department of Parking and Transportation Services used fees collected from student parking permits to fund the project. The F lots are the only lots that have been retrofitted with LED lights thus far. The long-term goal is to install LED light fixtures in all parking lots and dimmable LED lighting in Parking Structure 1 as funding becomes available.
Parking Structure 2, which opened in September 2016, contains LED lighting with motion sensors that brighten when movement is detected. Parking Structure 2 became the first parking facility in California to earn certification for features that promote green building methods and sustainability.
The LED lighting replacement project is part of the university’s ongoing efforts to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. Sustainability also is one of the topics that will be addressed in the next Campus Master Plan.
The work was initiated by the Department of Facilities Planning & Management and completed before the start of winter quarter classes.

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