New Reporting Fellowship to Enable Student to Examine Overlooked Religious Dimension of an International Crisis

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November 30, 2017 – An enterprising Georgetown student will receive a reporting fellowship to investigate the overlooked or misunderstood religious dimension of an international crisis, thanks to a partnership between the university and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
Georgetown is one of more than 30 colleges and universities that are part of the Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium, a network of partnerships between the Pulitzer Center and universities and colleges to engage with students and faculty on critical global issues.
Part of the new partnership with the university’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs involves an international reporting fellowship and the opportunity for students to develop contacts with members of the Pulitzer Center, an award-winning nonprofit journalism organization dedicated to supporting in-depth engagement with underreported global affairs issues.
“Many of today’s international crises have a strong religious component, yet media coverage often omits or oversimplifies these complexities and nuances,” says Shaun Casey, Berkley Center director. “With the overall decline in international news coverage by most American media outlets, Pulitzer is a powerful news organization that is filling this deficit in U.S. news.”
Firsthand Experience
The partnership will “bring high-quality journalists to campus to showcase their premier global reporting on religion stories,” Casey says, and allow Pulitzer Center-funded reporters to connect to leading scholarly voices and additional resources to interpret religion around the world.
The Pulitzer Center aids more than 150 reporting projects a year, providing nearly $2 million a year in direct support of journalists who have published in outlets that include The New York Times and PBS NewsHour.
The first winner of the annual Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship, to be announced on March 15, 2018, will receive $3,000 to fund two weeks of travel and research for the recipient during the summer of 2018. Applications for the fellowship are due on Feb. 1, and an information session will take place on Dec. 5.
“We’re excited …

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