New UC eatery opens with Gusto


The University Center’s latest restaurant has drawn interest from students. Photo by Alex Nunley | The Mirror

The University Center is now offering the most pristine in Asian cuisine, as Sushi with Gusto opened on Oct. 11. The UC has been trying to include sushi in their patron’s food options for about five years, and according to the manager of the Sushi with Gusto at UNC, who identified himself only as “Bob,” they are excited to be in operation.

“Our company told us that they wanted to open a location in Colorado and I thought ‘Yeah right, that isn’t going to happen,’” the manager said sarcastically. “But it turned out to be really great.”

“At first we would open locations in grocery stores, but as popularity grew, we started opening in a lot of universities,” he added.

Business was booming in their first week of operation at UNC. The chefs were hard at work, cooking and wrapping their sushi with great care. The cashiers are student employees of food service management at the UC, but the chefs are all trained and certified sushi chefs from Myanmar.  

Besides a variety of sushi options, Sushi with Gusto offers selections of Donburi rice bowls.

“They are delicious,” the manager said. “It’s your normal rice bowl, but with a kick of your choice of ingredients.” Sushi with Gusto also serves a great variety of vegetarian options. 

“We use fresh vegetables every day, and we think people can tell,” the manager said. The vegetarian options are clearly marked on the menu.

“Everyone loves the California roll,” the manager said. “It’s kind of sushi 101, but we always recommend our favorite sushi because we want people to try everything.”

Sushi with Gusto offers packaged raw fish that people can purchase if they prefer to cook it themselves. Customers can also customize their sushi by adding …

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