Nursing student follows her passion and learns to provide care to Spanish speaking patients

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Madison Tasker is a junior nursing major and a student in the Honor’s program at Georgia College. However, she isn’t your average nursing student. Tasker has a passion for helping the Spanish speaking population receive medical care. She was recently given an opportunity to complete an internship at a hospital called Clínica Universidad de los Andes which is part of the University of Los Andes in Santiago, Chile. Clínica Universidad de los Andes is a unique hospital because it helps educate students by providing them hands-on experience with patients. Madison said she chose this experience intentionally through her study abroad program.
University of Los Andes campus in Santiago, Chile

“The study abroad program I participated in included two Spanish courses—one in the classroom, and one in the field. Because I am a nursing major, I chose to complete my internship in the university hospital where I studied. I chose to do this because I wanted my medical Spanish terminology to improve, and I loved the idea of observing surgeries alongside other nurses. The experience definitely improved my Spanish speaking as well as understanding, and I learned several medical terms as well. It greatly exceeded my expectations.”

Tasker was able to shadow a nurse who taught her Spanish terms for common medical tools and procedures. She was also able to speak to doctors during the procedures, learn the process and how to assist as a nurse.

“From the very first day of my internship, I knew that it was going to be an unforgettable experience,” said Tasker. “I simply expected to follow a nurse around, watch her take care of patients, and assist her when asked. Instead, I learned so much from the nurse I shadowed, but I learned even more from the hospital as a whole. The doctors and other nurses did not hesitate to talk to me and …

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