OP: Are we addicted to technology?

www.westernherald.com – RSS Results in opinion* of type article There’s a class I’m taking called “Choices in Living” where we have to do this big project about discovering ourselves. In this project we are supposed to stay away from all things technological—aside from things like running water and a vehicle—for a whole day. For an entire day we had to use our time to go out and do something without the use of technology and believe me when I tell you it’s a lot harder than it sounds.When I started it, I thought it was going to be easy. I spend half my time sleeping anyway so how hard could this be? It was difficult. But what made it so difficult? I am addicted to my technology. I need it to feel whole and to operate properly. When I’m not using my phone or computer, I’m thinking about my phone or computer. Maybe it’s just because I’m a writer and those are the tools I use to write, but it’s a part of me. Technology is ingrained in my generation so deeply that it’s hard to take a step back from it and put it away for a day.

I lasted six hours with this experiment. According to addiction.com, one in eight Americans suffer from “problematic Internet use.” This includes using things like internet auction sites like ebay and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.For me, when I turn on my computer the first place I go is Facebook. I don’t really do anything on it, I just scroll through my newsfeed like a hamster runs on a hamster wheel. It gives me a sense of happiness to see that all my friends are alive and well, posting the latest politically charged meme or random stuff about their dogs.

But is it really …

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