OP: Craving for more food is weighing on your health

www.westernherald.com – RSS Results in opinion* of type article Food makes us feel ecstatic when consumed, right? How can it ever be blamed for causing harm? Sadly, it’s not innocent as one might think. Around the world and especially in the US, obesity has killed thousands of people. It’s been a problem of the past and will continue to be one.To hear food is seriously harming us is still shocking to me. A study published in 2004 from the US National Library of Medicine found that in the US, around 300,000 deaths were all linked to obesity. This is only second to deaths from smoking. It’s hard to calculate the risk of obesity because that all depends on how we raise children and how they’re being educated. In 2014 it was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 37.7 percent of adults in the US were considered obese. Unfortunately, the rate will grow more which is why ignoring this issue will only inflict damage.

Advertisements have played an enormous role in the health of Americans. On one hand, the American Heart Association is telling us that children 2-18 should only consume 25 grams of sugar, while the company Motts encourages parents to give their kids apple juice with 28 grams of sugar, daily. When I watch cartoons with my younger cousins, I see Reese’s cereal ads being telling kids it’s part of a “balanced” breakfast. There may be nine grams of sugar in one serving but one serving turns out to be three-fourths of a cup. In realty we know children don’t eat just under a cup of cereal. I would know because as a kid I’d eat 2 bowls almost every day.I was raised with a motto from my parents: t takes two subjects to create a problem. There’s not just one side to blame. Such is the case with the …

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