Outside vendors evicted from PUB

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By Sam Deal, Opinion EditorFebruary 24, 2016Filed under News, Photos, Showcase, Slideshow

New retail locations has always been a known component of the PUB remodel, but the removal of current vendors is a new aspect of the two-year project beginning in June.
Thomas Hammer and Aladin’s Egyptian Food will cease operations on May 31, EWU stated in a press release on Jan. 26. “In preparation for clearing out the PUB this summer, the university has notified outside food and service vendors that their spaces will not be available after May 31 in order to begin the renovation,’’
Fixtures of the PUB for over 20 years, both vendors have been left with no guarantee of returning to EWU after their ousting in May. The university statement continued, “This [removal] is consistent with the provisions of the agreements the university has with them. We are engaged in continuing conversations with these vendors to assess their needs as this transition develops.”
The agreements the university has with each location were confirmed by EWU Director of Records Management, Roxanne Dempsey. “The University does not have any negotiated contracts between Aladin’s Egyptian Food and/or with Thomas Hammer Coffee,” she said. “These two vendors made arrangements as daily rentals many years ago, and there are not written leases. The vendors pay a daily rate to the Pence Union Building,” said Dempsey via email.
EWU PUB remodel Predesign, finalized 2014, states “Thomas Hammer/Aladdin: These are both venues run by outside vendors and will be addressed during the design of the renovated facility.”
Repeated attempts from Aladin’s owner, Alaa Eldin Aarmer, and The Easterner to contact EWU of Business and Finance, specifically Mary Voves who currently oversees Auxiliary and Business Services at EWU, went unanswered.
On Jan. 15, while both vendors were closed, the university delivered letters signed Jan. 13 notifying them of their evictions. The letters were not received by …

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