Past successes, future possibilities the focus at NAU campus forum

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Why NAU?President Rita Cheng has a few ideas.
“There is a demand that we explain why NAU is succeeding—why our enrollment is growing, why we focus on research and new programs, why the state should invest in our buildings and our students. Why we have athletics, or why we market NAU. Why we seek new partnerships, and why we have general education requirements.
There is more attention on why we respond the way we do—why we welcome changes, why we extend our focus beyond Flagstaff or why we reshape our vision.”
Cheng spoke to students, faculty, staff and the Flagstaff community during the campus forum held Wednesday, March 29, at the High Country Conference Center. View the full PowerPoint slideshow or watch the recorded presentation online. During her presentation, which was followed by a question and answer session, Cheng discussed a variety of topics, including NAU’s budget and tuition proposal, the importance of state support, enrollment and retention growth and expanding NAU’s reach throughout the state and online.
The theme of transparency ran through the speech, focusing on NAU’s accountability to a variety of stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, alumni, business and community partners, the Arizona Board of Regents and the state government. Cheng also reiterated her administration’s commitment to preserving the factors that have made NAU successful and building on them for the university’s future.
Cheng discussed NAU’s mission and vision and the strategic planning process that will build on past successes and allows for a continued focus on student success, cutting-edge research and building a diverse, curious, talented collegiate community that stretches beyond Flagstaff and throughout the state. This process has already resulted in better tools for student advising, both first-year and transfer students; more programs for research, study abroad and community involvement; greater diversity in the student body, with an …

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