Patient Narrative, Endangered Coral Projects Win Undergraduate Bioethics Showcase

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April 13, 2018 – Projects by Maddy Rice (C’20) and Sam Lee (C’18) won this year’s Bioethics Research Showcase, a juried exhibition of Georgetown undergraduate research and scholarship sponsored by the university’s Kennedy Institute for Ethics (KIE).
Rice won for a project on how patient narratives may be recounted through safe medical waste, and Lee focused on the growing disappearance of coral in the world’s oceans.
“Undergraduate research and scholarship provides the impetus for students to dig deeply into important subjects that apply and test the knowledge they gain in classrooms, and which allow them to address real-world, practical problems,” explains showcase founder Laura Bishop, associate teaching professor and academic program manager at KIE.
Discarded Narratives
Rice, a Justice and Peace Studies major, was one of two “Grand Champions” at the April 10-11 event for her project, “Discarded Narratives,” which addresses stigma surrounding safe medical waste and the use of such items as storytelling tools that represent the experience of illness.
“One of my closest friends has Type 1 diabetes, and in high school, she injected herself with insulin every day at lunch,” explains Rice, of from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The leftover plastic tabs that came from the packaged sterile needles her friend used were ubiquitous, and Rice turned more than 200 of them into a wreath that now sits in the friend’s Utah apartment.
The Georgetown student wrote a paper for the event that argues that artists can challenge negative connotations of long-term illness and treatment while reclaiming patient narratives.
Keren Hammerschlag, assistant director of the Center for Jewish Civilization, mentored Rice. Hammerschlag is also an assistant teaching professor and researcher of art and art history and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program as well as a faculty affiliate at KIE.
Addressing Coral Destruction
Lee, the other Grand Champion, submitted a mural, video and theses relating to the 25 species of …

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