Post-Study Abroad Challenges

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Studying abroad is a bucket-list item for many college students. Being able to earn college credits while immersing yourself in a culture you have always dreamed of experiencing is a huge deal and a highlight of many students’ college careers. While the experience is amazing and the memories will last forever, returning home after such a powerful and incredible semester can be challenging. Many students face challenges when readjusting to their home life. Knowing what to expect can help you be on the lookout for issues you face and will help you take steps to manage the challenges that you face upon returning home.
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Reverse Culture Shock
If you studied abroad for a whole semester, you most likely got acclimated to a new culture. While it took time, once you learned the ins and outs, you fell in love with your country where you studied. Returning home can give you reverse culture shock. Reverse culture shock is difficult to deal with, especially if the laws and social norms are drastically different in the place where you studied abroad. You got so used to a lifestyle and returning home can be a huge change. If things are stricter at home, such as drinking laws and public transportation, you may feel more constrained when you leave your study abroad country.
To help you cope, focus on positive things about your home. While you likely had friends while studying abroad, chances are not all of your friends could go, so make it a point to see your home friends and relive your experiences by telling them about your semester. You might miss the food where you studied abroad, so go to your favorite restaurant at home.
Missing the country you studied in
You will no doubt miss the country you were studying …

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