President Bendapudi plans big things for U of L

The Louisville Cardinal By Sam Combest — Nearly one year into her tenure at the University of Louisville, President Neeli Bendapudi said she ‘s in the right place.“I feel like I made the right decision coming here,” said Bendapudi.Bendapudi moved to Louisville last May.Coming in. Bendapudi said Louisville received her very cordially. “The community, honestly could not have been more inviting,” she said. “There are so many places and ways in which we’ve been welcomed into the community, I’ve absolutely loved it.”Bendapudi had a difficult time choosing a favorite spot on campus. “There’s so many beautiful spots on this campus,” she said.“I love hanging out by the library, by Ekstrom and watching all of the people coming and going. ‘What’s my absolute favorite spot?’ I love the energy around the SAC, I think that’s my favorite spot.”Meeting the students. Bendapudi said one of the first year highlights is her first interactions with students.At the beginning of the school year, she gave out her cell phone number to students. Since then she has received two phone calls and several texts.“Here, I thought I would start with the freshman classes; now any group I speak to, I give out my number when it’s students. Then I encourage them to give it to their friends and spread it, so it’s much more than freshmen now.”“Nobody has abused the system whatsoever and I really appreciate that. It’s always good because when people reach out, to them it feels desperate,” she said. “I have been delighted with the interaction.”Bendapudi added that she wants to work on changing the culture on campus. “I would very much like to see a strong identity built around it,” she said. “I would very much want every student to be engaged in some fashion.”Madame President …

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