Professor Follows Passion for Teaching

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Suzanne Moineau still remembers how she felt after teaching a class as part of her doctoral program at UC San Diego.Moineau had stepped in when her mentor had to miss a class, and it proved to be a transformational moment.

“I was totally hooked after that experience,” said Moineau, who founded Cal State San Marcos’ speech-language pathology program. “I thought, ‘I have to be a teacher in one way, shape or form.’ ”

Moineau’s teaching efforts, along with her commitment to sustained excellence in research and service, have earned her the 2018-19 Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award, given annually to a CSUSM faculty member. Moineau will be honored during the Faculty and Staff Awards Reception on Jan. 17.

Moineau’s introduction to speech-language pathology came as a young teenager. Naturally curious, she tagged along to work one day with a neighbor in her Edison, N.J., neighborhood who was a speech-language pathologist.

“I just found it completely fascinating,” Moineau said.

Moineau particularly enjoyed the interaction with older adults. She was close with her grandparents growing up and felt an affinity for people of that generation. In her later teens, Moineau shadowed her neighbor again, this time at a large facility for individuals with cerebral palsy. It opened Moineau’s eyes to the diversity of the field, from speech and language to cognition and swallowing, among other areas.

Moineau earned her bachelor’s in speech-language pathology from Rutgers University, but found herself on an unexpected path after graduating. She was a primary caregiver for her grandmother, and there were few nearby options for accredited speech-language pathology programs at the time. Moineau always had excelled in math and worked throughout her undergraduate studies as a bookkeeper for a local grocery store, so she decided to pursue her MBA in accounting.

Moineau worked for nearly three years as a certified public accountant …

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