Professors on Path to new Technologies

Lone Star College Tomball News

Published on: May 09, 2007 Lone Star CollegeTomball professors Pat Falbo and Catherine Olson are trailblazing new pathways for future teachers.
As participants in the Community College Pathways to Improved Teacher Preparation Through Technology – or Pathways – Falbo and Olson were invited to join representatives from only 18 community college institutions nationwide to learn to better incorporate and utilize technology in teaching.
“Each of the 18 institutions selected articulated a strong understanding of Pathways goals, including an institutional focus on pre-service teacher education, modeling effective pedagogy for pre-service teachers, and supporting faculty in the effective use of technology in their own teaching,” said Edward J. Leach, Vice President of the Services and Programs League for Innovation in the Community College.
“Community colleges are fast becoming a critical segment impacting on the K-12 arena. An estimated 20 percent of those who go on to become K-12 teachers are educated at community colleges, with over 40 percent of all teachers completing some or all of their science and mathematics coursework at two-year colleges,” said Leach. “The Pathways Project was envisioned to fill a critical need in preparing tomorrow’s teachers.”
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the project will involve faculty from 33 community colleges over three years in Internet-based training designed to model best practices using technology-based instruction, said Leach.
The Pathways Project involves a faculty training program, a framework for development and sharing of Internet-based Real World Learning Objects – RWLO’s – and an online community to support course implementation. RWLO’s are instructional Internet-based activities focused on higher education mathematics, science, educational technology, and language arts that can easily be used in similar courses at other institutions to enhance learning and integrate technology in a meaningful way, said Leach.
“RWLOs are basically lesson plans that give a teacher specific step-by-step instructions on how to approach a specific topic using websites that provide information that is …

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