PSU.TV begins editing phase for annual film project ‘Retro Hero’

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When the creative team behind Retro Hero started filming this summer, they had not yet raised the $18,000 they needed. But with the help of an Indiegogo campaign, sponsorship by Amtrak, a grant of new equipment, and the dedication of over 80 students, they were able to forge ahead.
“It was just an amazing group of people,” said Markus Lin, director and director of photography. “Everyone donated their time and resources and believed in the project and came together. To me, that’s what was so special about Retro Hero.”
This is PSU.TV’s flagship Annual Film Project, an entirely student-produced feature length film. Last year they put out a call for scripts and selected Dom Peña and Emma Kent’s Retro Hero, the story of Eliza, a competitive gamer who must compete in order to defend her father’s legacy and ameliorate her family’s financial struggles. Auditions were held in July, and shooting took place over the summer.
The cast, crew and production team for this project, which ranged from 20 to 40 people just on the set each day, are all student volunteers. One PSU alumnus of the film program even donated his time and taxi bus to drive people home at the end of the night when filming ended at 2 a.m.
The set location was also given to them free of charge. Superplay, an arcade in Beaverton, donated the use of their space, including a laser tag arena in which they created a virtual reality world. “They believed in the cause and the film,” Lin said.
However, there were some limitations because of lack of funding, including locations they couldn’t get and some days when they couldn’t continue filming because they didn’t have the money to feed the cast and crew.
It was a learning experience for everyone. The majority of the crew had never …

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