Pushing Past Limits

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The steady improvement of the performance and versatility of our electronic systems is due in large part to the scaling-down of transistors and interconnects that drive them. Components on the chips have been shrunk, stacked and more densely packed to add increased functionality without expanding the systems’ small footprints.But the smaller, denser arrangements present their own set of challenges, and electronics engineers and designers everywhere are trying to find ways to overcome the resulting degradation in performance, reliability and energy efficiency.
UC Santa Barbara doctoral student Junkai Jiang is one of those people, and for his work he has been awarded a prestigious Ph.D. Student Fellowship from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Electron Devices Society (EDS).
“The IEEE EDS Ph.D. Student Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards for doctoral students working in the broad area of electron devices,” said UC Santa Barbara electrical and computer engineering professor Kaustav Banerjee, who is Jiang’s advisor. Junkai’s achievements in his research are certainly most deserving of this honor.”
A leader in the field of nanoelectronics, Banerjee is internationally recognized for his pioneering work on 2D materials and electronics. Jiang joined Banerjee’s Nanoelectronics Research Lab (NRL) in 2012 as a dual M.S./Ph.D. student after completing his bachelor of science degree in microelectronics at Peking University in China.
“I am extremely honored to receive this prestigious award from the IEEE Electron Devices Society that recognizes technological innovations by young Ph.D. student researchers,” Jiang said. “Being the only student from the entire Americas and the third student from the NRL at UC Santa Barbara to receive this award, I would like to especially thank my advisor, Professor Kaustav Banerjee, not only for his constant encouragement and support, but also for his inspirational guidance to identify and pursue cutting-edge research of the highest caliber, …

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