Q&A: Cheryl Matherly answers questions before the ILO conference

News – The Brown and White Cheryl Matherly is the vice president and vice provost for International Affairs. Matherly will be moderating a panel during the 100th anniversary of the ILO conference this Thursday, April 11, 2019, at Lehigh University. (Courtesy of Cheryl Matherly)
Cheryl Matherly, vice president and vice provost for International Affairs, will serve as the moderator on the “Effective Lifelong Learning Systems at Work” panel at the ILO centenary conference held at Lehigh on April 11. Matherly’s office, which helps expose Lehigh students to international opportunities, has been the key organizer for Lehigh in planning the conference. As part of a series of Q&As with speakers, moderators and panelists who will take part in the conference, entitled “An Equitable and Sustainable Future of Work,” The Brown and White sat down with Matherly to discuss her role in planning the event and her expertise with global trends impacting the future of employability in anticipation of the conference. This Q&A has been edited for length and clarity.
Q: Even given the partnership between Lehigh and the UN, this event appears to be a really big deal for your office. How has the anticipation for this big of an event been?
CM: It’s an honor. It reflects both the strength of the partnership — the respect for Lehigh and what we are able to do with the UN — and the significance of (Bethlehem), a reminder that the university is part of the place.
We have also had stellar support from across the university. While we’ve taken the lead, we’ve had an advisory committee that’s brought people from all across campus together to help support the effort in terms of planning, in terms of contributing speakers and participants, some financial participation and logistics.
Q: Moving forward, has this event been a springboard for future ideas or partnerships? There are a variety of speakers from …

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