Randhir Leads Global Symposium on ‘Commons without Borders’

UMass Amherst: News Archive

Professor Timothy Randhir of environmental conservation organized and led a daylong online global symposium “Commons without Borders: Global Multiscale Ecosystem Frameworks” on Oct. 10 as part of World Commons Week sponsored by the International Association for the Study of Commons (IASC).Holdsworth Hall was the hub of a video conferencing network that connected symposium speakers and audiences from time zones half a world apart to learn and exchange information about addressing environmental problems that are local, regional, national and global. 
Scientists and professionals from the U.S., China, India, Turkey, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Honduras and Colombia participated through presentations and real-time discussions.
Topics included carbon markets, information commons, food security, forest commons, water systems, ecological restoration, transboundary watershed systems, natural protected areas, Amazonian manatee rescue, agricultural waters, wastewater, agricultural commons and sustainability programming.
Among the presentations:
Caiping Zhang, professor, University of South China, highlighted the role of carbon markets in enterprise emissions in China.
M. Thirunavukkarasu, dean of the Veterinary College and Research Institute in India, called for renewed emphasis on information commons in India.
Randhir highlighted the nexus between food security and water resources and called for comprehensive ways to deal with climate and land use changes.
Ceyhun Göl, professor and chair of forest engineering and watershed management at the University of Çankırı-Karatekin, Istanbul, stressed the importance of forest assets in protecting watersheds in Turkey.
Alberto Gomez and Macarena Mo reviewed efforts of the Interdisciplinary Group on Ecological Restoration (GIRE) to restore ecosystems of Uruguay.
Juan Carlos, CEO of the nonprofit CECROPIA, discussed efforts in the transboundary watershed of Mexico’s Grijalva-Usumacinta rivers using a HUMANA decision support system.
Cristian Valez, coordinator of environmental education at Iquitos, Peru, presented on rescue efforts of Amazon manatees.
Lucia Chuquillanqui of World Wildlife Fund of Peru presented on national protected areas for Peruvian ecosystems.
A mini-symposium with a panel …

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