Re: Don’t give Donald Trump a chance

North Texas Daily By P.J. Martinez, Hunter McCullough, Colin Quinn and Dan Rowe.
We’ll begin where Mr. Colin Mitchell ended: “…if history proves anything, unity is what leads to constructive change.”
This assertion raises the question: Is the change a Trump administration would bring worth uniting for? The fact is we are a confused and divided nation with serious disagreements. These disagreements are justified, given Mr. Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign.
Mr. Mitchell incorrectly claimed that the election wasn’t even close. True, Democrats lost the white working class who have historically secured Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for their party, but he fails to acknowledge how Secretary Clinton won the popular vote by well over a million votes.
How should we proceed, given this and the sharp contrast in their policy proposals? What chance does Mr. Mitchell think we should afford a Trump administration?
Missing from Mr. Mitchell’s piece was any defense of Mr. Trump’s policy proposals. We will take Mr. Trump at his word about his plans for our country, like reversing progressive domestic climate legislation and international agreements, or appointing Supreme Court justices who would restrict a woman’s right to make decisions about their reproductive health and challenge marriage equality.
For us, and many others, these are unacceptable positions. Those policy concerns don’t even account for the disqualifying character flaws, like bragging about sexual assault and relying on racist “dog whistling” to rally a coalition of primarily white voters.
We are neither dealing with moderate Republicans with whom we have a difference of opinion, nor anything resembling the party of Lincoln.
Additionally, we must ask: Was President Obama afforded a similar chance? The past eight years prove that when Republicans don’t like the result of an election, they refuse to cooperate.
President Obama faced unprecedented obstruction from a Republican party that allowed the …

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