RIT campus construction on schedule; more to come

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Sidewalks, crosswalks, buildings and improvements

July 2, 2018 by Greg Livadas Follow Greg Livadas on TwitterFollow RITNEWS on TwitterA. Sue Weisler
Construction projects this summer at RIT include realignment of sidewalks, curbs and speed bumps along Andrews Drive.

Summer is prime construction season at Rochester Institute of Technology, and this year several outdoor improvements are underway on campus.

Current projects include the first phase of a three-year “active transportation improvement” initiative as curbs, speed bumps and sidewalks are reconfigured to improve safety and traffic flow, said Paul Drozdziel, director of RIT’s construction services and project management.

“We want to make the campus safer for pedestrians as well as skateboarders, bikers and drivers,” he said. “It’s a very active summer. The weather has been great so far, and everything is on schedule.”

One of the most visible projects is along Andrews Drive on the east side of campus. Sidewalks are being reconfigured to correspond to the intersection at Perkins Road, and lighted stop signs will be installed to improve pedestrian and driver safety. There will be a gentler pathway to the crosswalk, eliminating a steeper grade that encouraged some skateboarders and bicyclists to approach the crosswalk at a high speed. Some of the time, traffic is being detoured through K Lot. Expected completion of the project is mid-July, Drozdziel said.

Traffic has been detoured for several weeks on Wiltsie Drive at John Street, as Monroe County completes upgrades to a pump station. The project is expected to be completed at the end of August.

The Alumni House being constructed on the western side of campus will also mean detours in the coming weeks. Traffic is being detoured on Andrews Drive through the estimated completion date of July 24, as pedestrian pathway improvements are being made, including a raised crosswalk from the Alumni House to Andrews Drive. The house is expected to be …

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