Sac State panel discusses future of women in politics

The State Hornet

Sacramento State hosted a panel featuring five women who spoke on the topic of women in politics following the 2018 “Year of the Woman” — a perceived “wave” election of women candidates who won in the midterm elections. The two panels were part of the “Women and Politics: Past, Present and Future” event sponsored by the women’s studies and communication studies departments, Project for an Informed Electorate and the Office of Public Affairs and Advocacy.
The panels were titled “2018’s ‘Year of the Woman’ – Springboard to Political Gender Equality or One Time Phenomenon?” and “Electing Political Women, Making a Policy Difference,” and were moderated by communication studies professor Rebecca LaVally.
The first panel included California State Controller Betty Yee and Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman. They both spoke about the increase of women elected to political office last year.
According to the Center of American Women and Politics, there were 105 women in Congress in 2016 and 127 in 2018.
“What’s really been on my mind over the course of the last few months since the election is really this question of whether what we witnessed last November is something that is going to be sustained,” Yee said. “I’m of the mind that this is not a one shot kind of a deal. This is for the long haul.”
Eggman spoke about the amount of women who won during the midterm elections.
“We said on election day, sometimes you think about things like Christmas. But this was like Hanukkah, the gifts just kept coming,” Eggman said.
During the Q&A following the panel, both Yee and Eggman encouraged women to be politically involved — whether by running for office, donating, or volunteering for local campaigns.
The second panel included two Sac State faculty members, history professor Rebecca Kluchin and communication studies director of debate Kristen Tudor. It also included Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez, a Sac State alumna …

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