Senate meeting to focus on several important topics

Student News

I invite you to join us at the Spring Academic Senate meeting on Wednesday May 16, 2018 in the Kresge Town Hall from 2:30 – 5:00 pm. The meeting will be followed by a reception hosted by the Chancellor and the Senate.The agenda of the meeting may be reviewed online. 
The agenda will focus on important topics up for divisional review, approval, and discussion. The highlights include:
an update from campus leadership
the announcement of the 2019 Faculty Research Lecturer
a report on faculty salaries (including gender and ethnicity salary gaps) and updates on facultychildcare from the Committee on Faculty Welfare (CFW)
a report and solicitation for feedback by the Committee on Teaching (COT) regarding studentevaluations of teaching
Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) recommendations on the Kresge classrooms
regulation and bylaw updates from CEP and the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication(COLASC)
Reports from the Student Union Assembly (SUA) and Graduate Student Association (GSA)
Strategic Academic Planning (SAP) updates, followed by Q&A
This has been an exciting year on campus as we engage on multiple fronts to define our campus identity in terms of shape and research foci. It is more important than ever to stay connected and informed. As you know, the campus is undertaking both Strategic Academic Planning (SAP) and Long Range Development Planning (LRDP), and the Baskin School of Engineering is undergoing reshaping. Childcare for faculty is slated to open as early as Fall 2019. Those of us serving in the Senate are asked nearly every week to opine on critical campus issues related to different committees’ purviews as well as from a more general faculty perspective.
In this context, I would like to thank all our faculty members currently serving on Senate and special committees for their service. I truly appreciate the hard work you have put into various committee issues and projects. Your service is invaluable to the …

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