Sexual Assault Awareness Month to raise awareness, promote action – RSS Results in news* of type article The coordinator of sexual assault prevention education, and the Fighting Ignorance and Rape Through Education (FIRE) program, Danielle Snow, has been busy arranging a plethora of events around campus in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.Every April for the last twelve years, FIRE has been planning on and off campus events centered around sexual assault awareness. FIRE is in charge of the majority of events planned for sexual assault awareness month but countless other groups around campus are always encouraged to get involved.“We have a planning committee with representatives from several offices, campus groups or community organizations who can sponsor an event in our Sexual Assault Awareness Month Series. We support all events and initiatives to raise awareness on sexual violence prevention and response at WMU and our local community,” said Snow.

FIRE is focused on improving the community’s level of awareness and starting a dialogue about this issue.“We have a very specific focus of raising awareness, prevention, and support. We want people to talk about sexual violence prevention and resources so we can better support one another and ourselves,” said Snow.11.2 percent of all undergraduate and graduate students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, according to RAINN also reports that about 23 percent of female undergraduates and 5 percent of male undergraduates will experience sexual assault.“The statistics of how many folks are encountering gender-based violence is staggering and painful to see. This type of violence can affect folks of all social identities….even just one act is too much, ” said Snow.Snow believes students should attend Sexual Assault Awareness Month events to help inform them on the topic and prepare them to take action in the event they ever come across it.“At times these events can be heavy and hard and require a lot of vulnerability. Many times they are fun …

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