Soccer loses Battle of I-75 to Bowling Green

independentcollegian There was tension in the air Thursday afternoon, as the Rockets traveled to Cochrane Field to take on their rival, the Bowling Green Falcons. The stakes were higher than just a regular season win, however, the Rockets needed a win to remain in contention to defend last year’s MAC championship title. The Falcons were also looking for a win, hoping to dissuade a repeat of last year’s MAC championship game when the Rockets took the title with an overtime goal. The game began with a dominant defensive showing by Toledo. This impressive early defensive effort, combined with an unfortunate injury on the Falcons seemed to put BG on their back foot. The Rockets capitalized on what appeared to be a shaken Bowling Green by pressing the Falcon defense through a series of quick interceptions, pushing the ball deep into Falcon territory. The Falcons held on though, dutifully stumping the Toledo offense in their own 1/3 of the pitch. The last-ditch defense of the Falcons couldn’t continue forever though. At around 38 minutes, the Rockets were finally able to make good on their scoring desires, with a well-placed cross from first-year midfielder Ashton Cassel finding the head of fourth-year captain Hannah Scafaria near the goal. The goal by Scafaria put the Falcons in a bit of an unusual position, as they had only previously found themselves trailing during regulation for a grand total of two minutes across the whole season. Fueled by this knowledge, the Falcons retook the field, and almost immediately fired back with a spirited counter-attack resulting in one shot going off the post and a second going wide following that. The Falcons weren’t done yet though, as they kept the pressure on the Rockets defense. Capitalizing on some poor UT passing, BG kept the ball on the Rockets’ side of the pitch yet were continually unable …

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