Spotlight on Club Baseball

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From little leagues to high school, many students dream of continuing sports throughout college. Members of the UNH Club Baseball Team are lucky enough to do just that in a fun but competitive league that tests their skills and heart for the game. Along with continuing to play a game they love, they build amazing friendships and truly advance as individuals by strengthening skills in teamwork and time management. To understand more about the life inside club baseball at UNH, I reached out to team members Anthony DeGirolamo ’21, Zack Peterson ’21, Sam Werman ’18, Charlie Day ’19 and Chris Hyland ’19.UNH Tales: How does it feel to continue your sports career after high school?
DeGirolamo​: Continuing my sports career after high school is a dream come true. I think almost every athlete has this dream of playing at the next level, and I’ve been fortunate enough to carry out that dream. It’s an awesome experience.
UNH Tales: How competitive is the club baseball team and how tough is it to make the roster?
Peterson: We’re a very competitive team, in my opinion, with only a handful of players that get picked each year. We have a lot of leaders and experience on the team, which has been the key to our success, and hopefully we’ll be able to keep it going in the years to come.
UNH Tales: How has your record been? Are there playoff contentions?  
 Werman: We have always had a great team with a great record. For the first three years we were playing scrub teams, some without uniforms, and we would mercy them. I had never been a part of teams that could put up 20+ runs consistently. The level of competition we all wanted just wasn’t there, and it was disappointing. We had playoffs and won multiple championships, but …

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