Spotlight on HSU Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Jeffry Borgeld

Humboldt State University Athletics

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The saying goes that, “All good things must come to an end.” Dr. Jeffry Borgeld’s tenure as Humboldt State’s Faculty Athletic Representative has undoubtedly been a good thing for the University, the Athletic Department and its students and student-athletes.Borgeld will be retiring this summer following 13 years and three stints as FAR, and his departure will be a great loss. The Hurst, Texas, native came behind the Redwood Curtain over 40 years ago in search of striking a balance between student and athlete.”The only reason I do this job is because of the teaching part of it,” said Borgeld. “I have a pretty active research program that is rewarding but in a different way than working with students. The really gifted students succeed in spite of us.”As he talks about his experience as a collegiate baseball player wearing the Green and Gold you can see Borgeld’s eyes grow wide. He reminisces about his student-athlete experience and it is obvious that, as a translator interprets two or more languages to craft a conversation and sense of understanding, the professor of oceanography understands how to walk in both worlds.During his time as FAR, Borgeld has spearheaded efforts for priority scheduling for all students on campus and has worked to integrate international institutions into the complex fabric of the NCAA.”I managed to get the registration priority for student-athletes,” said Borgeld. “I wanted to get registration priority for students that could really balance their lives if they could schedule classes at certain times of the day.”Borgeld was an all-conference outfielder for the Lumberjacks from 1970-74. As a former student-athlete himself, he knows the obstacles that can keep student-athletes from reaching their full potential. “It’s a special balance of time, time is the final frontier for student-athletes,” explained Borgeld. “I think I figured out how to do it while …

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