Stand up for sex workers

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While attempts have been made to make the world a safer place for sex workers, there is still a great deal of work that remains in ensuring individuals in the industry are protected.
According to World Health Organization, sex workers are put at higher risk of violence and sexual abuse due to their positions and vulnerability in society. Not only that, but those in the field of sex work are pitted against stigmas and stereotypes that can be horrifically degrading and dehumanizing. It’s crucial that sex workers are supported by the people within the communities and social circles they find themselves in.
To find out how people can better support sex workers in their everyday lives, I spoke with a local sex worker who would like to be referred to as Alex. Alex has worked as a sex worker for four years, beginning her career in the industry during her sophomore year at Portland State. Alex credits her debut into the world of sex work to curiosity.
“I was always working these crazy jobs that just weren’t really working out, and then I realized that sex work is more accessible than people realize,” Alex said. “It was very easy to get started, so I gave it a try and found that it really worked for me.” Through diving into some of her personal experiences in the field, Alex was able to share just a few ways people can get involved in providing safety and assurance for those in the sex work community.
Become an ally
If people want to take things one step further than their general claim of sex worker support, they should consider becoming an ally. This means actively making the conscious decision to educate yourself on current politics and news revolving around sex workers. A great way to ease into the political sphere of sex …

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