Strictly business: Vanderbilt’s student entrepreneurs bring their lectures to life

Vanderbilt Hustler For many students, college is a delicate balance between academic demands and social activities. Practical experience in career fields is often relegated to summer internships or part-time jobs, but for several Vanderbilt students, this could not be further from the truth. Individuals like Anna Maynard, Bradley Alder, and Douglas Finnegan are not only involved Vanderbilt students, but they are also founders and financial officers for two completely student-run businesses at Vanderbilt: Black Star Rentals and VandEats. The services the businesses provide are unrelated, but both operate within the intricate fabric of the Vanderbilt community. Two representatives from each company shared their experiences and advice for other student entrepreneurs.Black Star RentalsUnder the leadership of Vandy students Anna Maynard, Bradley Alder, Cooper Bellinson and Nick Bellinson, Black Star Rentals provides full-size mattresses to Vanderbilt students living both on and off-campus. Students can rent these larger beds for either one or both semesters, and the Black Star team assembles and disassembles beds during the move-in and move-out seasons. Though the service has become increasingly popular at Vanderbilt over the past several years, the idea of a bed-rental service began at Dartmouth, under the title of Roomie Rentals. A group of Vanderbilt students, the first Black Star team, bought the rights to bring Roomie Rentals to Vanderbilt in 2012, and in the first year of business, rented out 13 beds to the Vanderbilt community. Six years and three student leadership teams later,  Black Star has provided 200 full size beds for the 2018 fall semester.“It’s a cool thing to pass down and continue being a part of,” Alder said, referencing the current leadership team’s procurement of the company. “The team before us had to get it off the ground operationally and legally. We felt it was ready for us to come in and try to make a part of Vanderbilt’s culture.”Making Black …

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