Student to student: Valentine’s Day letters to our most beloved parts of campus

News Whether or not you have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, there is plenty to love in Madison. Here are our love letters to the little things on campus that make our hearts skip a beat.
Little scrubby vehicles that clear the sidewalks of snow
UW grounds crew members work to clear snow from the sidewalks on East Campus Mall at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Photo: Bryce Richter
You took my breath away when I first saw you. It was snowing and the wind was whipping and the moon was reflected in the faces of the countless little snowflakes as they drifted down on Library Mall.
I was working late that night. As I walked out of the library, bundled up in scarves and fleece, I didn’t expect to see anyone, especially someone as beautiful as you. You came around the corner. At first I didn’t see you. But as we neared, it was as if you were clearing a path to meet me.
I was entranced. We were on a collision course, a collision course that was to change both of our lives. But when we were about to meet, something pulled me away. Deep in a snow drift, I looked around, dazed. Someone asked me what I was doing, that I had almost got hit. I didn’t understand what they were saying.
The snow was coming down in sheets now and I turned to see if you were still there. You were gone. But I know that what we had was real – I have the tread marks on my heart to prove it.
The 80
UW students bundle up to stay warm as they wait to board the #80 bus as temperatures hover around zero degrees Fahrenheit. Photo: Bryce Richter
Trusty, reliable, dependent — you’re everything I’m looking for in a mode …

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